“If you grew up in Southern Alberta, you got inundated with dinosaurs.… I kind of want Yukon to be a little bit more like that with woolly mammoths. People who live in the Yukon, I want them to know that where they live is absolutely spectacular.”

Grant Zazula

Yukon Fossil and Artifact Library

Get out of Dodge; explore the Yukon. Summer in the North is incredibly special, perhaps because it is so fleeting, so intense.

Karen McColl

YNoO Editor-in-Chief

“I would say anybody who can deal with a dead battery in the middle of January, shovels their driveway by hand, can make a tender moose-rib dinner, and can manoeuvre a canoe across an eddy like a valet is a real Yukoner.”
Yukon Questionaire

Laura Cabott

Mayor, City of Whitehorse