Out of the broom closet

“They call it the Spell of the Yukon, and I just think that is exactly what it is…. We think of [the] Yukon as a pristine, beautiful, welcoming oasis and it is. You have to have a strong character, and I find the people here are so welcoming. They didn’t even bat an eye about me coming out of the broom closet one bit.”

Meet the authors lll

Patty Schramm is the Goldie Award-winning co-editor of Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica. She lives in Europe with her wife, Sandra, and their cats. In her Romance in the Yukon series, she used her poetic license to envision the Pot of Gold lesbian bar.

Meet the authors ll

K.A. Tucker lives outside Toronto and is the international bestselling author of several romance series, including the northern-themed four-part The Simple Wild. Her books have been featured in USA Today, The Globe and Mail, and Oprah Mag.

Meet the authors l

Barbara Dunlop is a Yukoner and ​​​​New York Times bestselling author. She has written 70 romance novels, including a series based in the fictitious community of Paradise, Alaska. She lives with her bush-pilot husband. Her neighbours include the moose and bears that wander through her yard.

Climbing high to drill deep

By Alison Criscitiello Photos by Leo Hoorn/National Geographic The horizontal bandsaw in my sub-zero ice-core-processing lab slices through ancient ice from Mount Logan’s summit plateau like a hot knife. Bits of potentially pre-Holocene snow crystals fly off the blade and get sucked away by a vacuum. Once each metre of this ice core is sliced […]

Seeing is believing

By Wayne Potoroka Photos by Manu Keggenhoff It’s a drizzly Saturday as Red Grossinger, 82, pilots his beefy, four-door F-350 up Whitehorse’s Two Mile Hill. He’s wearing a grey ripstop coat, matching cargo pants, and camouflage cap. It’s typical outdoor gear for an atypical outing: a tour of two of the nearly 150 sasquatch-sighting locations […]

Gillian Campbell

By Tara Borin Photos by Manu Keggenhoff Dawson City left its mark on Gillian Campbell in more than one way. That’s where, in 1967, the entertainer and single mother landed the first major role of her career in the Gaslight Follies, a cabaret-style show that ran for 40 years at the Palace Grand Theatre. She […]

People & Places

It’s HOT up here!YNoO Spring 2023 Romance novelists draw inspiration from life in the Yukon and Alaska—even if they’ve never experienced it themselves . By Haley Ritchie, photos by Manu Keggenhoff. Read. more… Climbing High to Drill DeepYNoO Winter 2022 Uncovering climate secrets on Mount Logan. By Alison Criscitiello. Read. more… Sasquatch and Red GrossingerYNoO […]

The Search for Children

By Sandrine Murray Warning: This story contains details about abuse. Johnny Johns likes telling stories of his childhood, writing down bits of them on scraps of paper before he forgets. He’s got so much to tell.  He remembers being nine at his grandfather’s hunting camp, in 1963. His grandfather and namesake, Johnnie Johns, whose Tlingit […]