Sanctuary Under Threat

By Karen McColl Images by Esteban Timpany-Engasser Stanley, a 24-year-old male, is a regular on the riverbank. Then there’s a younger guy, Noof, and Little Foot—he’s got small paws. Sophie, 16, has taken over as matriarch. “I met [Sophie’s] mother in 1993,” Phil Timpany says, about a certain Mrs. Tucker. “She had a couple of […]

A colossal collection

By Amy Kenny Photos by Mark Kelly If you’re in Whitehorse’s industrial section, looking to buy a couch at The Brick or a security system at the nearby strip mall, chances are you wouldn’t also have the 700,000-year-old metatarsal of a mid-Pleistocene-era horse on your shopping list. But you could find it, and all on […]

Photo Essay: City of Foxes

Photos and foreword by Peter Mather The red fox is well suited to thrive in the rapidly expanding urban-wild interfaces around our planet. Celebrated for their cunning intelligence, foxes have adapted to the human world with astonishing success. A 2020 article in the Royal Society’s research journal Proceedings B found that urban foxes were developing […]

Hands-on hunting in minus 40

By Rhiannon Russel, Photos by Peter Mather The students had been on the land for three days when they found bison tracks in the snow. They knew they were getting close. The group, which included elementary- and high-school students, teachers, parents, and an Elder, pushed on, travelling further by snowmobile on the frozen Nordenskiold River […]

Nature & Environment

Sanctuary under threadYNoO Summer 2022 The place known to the Vuntut Gwitchin as “where fish spawn” is being choked by trouble downstream. By Karen McColl, photos by Esteban Timpany-Engasser. Read. more… 7 scenes you don’t see every dayYNoO Summer 2022 Seven photographers share their favourite captures from the land of the midnight sun.. Read. more… […]