EXPLAINER Mining Royalties

By Rhiannon Russel What are mining royalties? Royalties are what a mine operator pays to the Yukon government for the right to mine the territory’s resources. A mining royalty isn’t a tax, but rather a share of the profits made from the mine. How much are they? Placer miners pay $0.375 per ounce of gold […]

Shipping woes and workarounds

By Rhiannon Russel Michelle (last name withheld by request) was looking online for affordable furniture when she found Cozey, a Canadian retailer. She and her fiancé had just bought a house in Whitehorse and needed to furnish it. On Cozey’s site, which advertised “Free shipping across Canada*,” she found a grey armchair and ottoman she […]

Easy on gas

By Rhiannon Russel John Kennedy was in a Whitehorse car dealership when he saw the blue Chevrolet Bolt on display. He was in the market for a new vehicle, but he hadn’t been intending to go electric. Curious, he took the Bolt for a test drive. “It’s a whole different feel,” Kennedy says. “If you’ve […]

The land is part of me

By Rhiannon Russel Teri-Lee Isaac had the idea for about 10 years. As the Selkirk First Nation government’s heritage manager, she knew guests to the territory were interested in visiting Fort Selkirk Historic Site, an old townsite located at the confluence of the Pelly and Yukon rivers. Travellers driving the North Klondike Highway would stop […]


By Rhiannon Russel Last summer, Leyla Weston was training for the Reckless Raven, an 80-km ultra-marathon in Whitehorse, when a fellow runner suggested she try taking cannabis edibles on her runs. The woman, who was also training for the race, had started micro-dosing CBD and THC in the form of fruity gummies, taking them at specific […]

Business Briefs

By Rhiannon Russel EXPLAINERYNoO Spring 2023 How do mining royalties work?. Read more… Free Shipping to the Yukon? YNoO Winter 2022 Dream on. Shipping woes and workarounds. Read more… Easy on gasYNoO Fall 2022 More people in the North are making the switch to electric vehicles. Read more… The land is part of meYNoO Summer […]