Recipe: Whole Wheat and Barley Quick Bread

By Miche Genest          Photos by Cathie Archbould Households across the Yukon have been enjoying locally produced vegetables, meat, cheese, and eggs for several years, and our cohort of artisanal producers is thriving. But until recently, we have not had a regular, locally produced supply of three pantry essentials: milk, grains, and […]

Recipe: Manila Clams with Tamarind Sauce

By Miche Genest          Photo by Cathie Archbould People, let’s hear it for the chefs! For the past two years, under trying conditions, cuisiniers and restauranteurs across the Yukon have transported us up, up, and away from the constraints of our pandemic lives. When we couldn’t travel, their food and drink swept […]

The Boreal Chef

Hot-tent CookingYNoO Spring 2023 Simple meals to keep you fueled in the backcountry. Read more… Scottish FareYNoO Winter 2022 Cuisine inspired by the chef who cooks for everybody. Read more… Pantry EssentialsYNoO Fall 2022 Local milk and flour have arrived in the Yukon, by Miche Genest. Read more… Manila ClamsYNoO Summer 2022 Memories of faraway […]

Recipe: Sheet Pan Sockeye Salmon

By Miche Genest          Photos by Cathie Archbould Though I’m not any good at fishing myself, I’ve been surrounded by good fishers all my life and always admired their passion, practicality, and imagination—their ability to think themselves into a stream, a lake, or the sea and predict where the fish will be. […]